Wendy and Theresa from Narooma on the far south coast of NSW have recently completed training to become digital mentors in their local community. They are now supporting other members of the community to learn new digital skills and how to resolve online challenges.

The Digital Up Skill Initiative is part of a global network of organisations and social change projects working to close the digital skills gap and support community members to learn essential digital skills.  As well as supporting their clients, they educate the local community and are helping shift attitudes towards learning disabilities with their #digitalupskill Initiative.

Since first attending learning sessions with The Tec Exec – a member of the Online Centres Network – our team have seen Wendy and Theresa become confident in handling all sorts of technical challenges locals have every day, and previously unable to find help.

Founder at The Tec Exec, Tricia Pye says: “We’ve been delivering digital literacy training in Australia for almost 30 years and never have we seen such rapid changes to technology.  This is attributed to the introduction of the smartphone and their ability to update and change on a daily basis.  Everyone has one, everyone needs one and there are still a large number of Australians who don’t know how to get started, what they need and where to purchase a new device that meets their individual needs.  Mentors like Wendy and Theresa are critical to the community and its long term economic growth.  They are true champions volunteering in their local community.”

Theresa and Wendy and other local digital mentors can be visited at Narooma Library on Friday afternoons between 1 and 3 pm.  New programs for Digital Mentors are in the planning for 2020  and will be released through the local chamber of commerce.

Digital Mentors Build Digital Skills In Regional Australia
Regional Australia’s new digital champions

Theresa and Wendy have become real advocates for digital skills at The Tec Exec, about getting online, Trish says: “It’s easy when you know how!” Want to find out how you can become a digital mentor for your workplace or community?  Get in touch today.