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Digital Skills Education

Tricia Pye

Lead Trainer

Computer Skills

Business Professionals and Consultants

Computer skills education

Computer Training For Today

Digital Literacy Education and Training

Prepare your team for the future.

In a world of innovation, disruptive technologies, digital transformation, digital marketing and social media it's important to ensure your team have the digital literacy skills to move into the future with you.

You've given them the technology, but do they know how to use it?

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Essential Digital Literacy Skills For Developing Your Team

Learn how to bring your team up to date with essential digital literacy skills:

  • Understand digital distruption, agile methodologies, lean startup and digital transformation
  • staff development programs
  • Lead and work in virtual teams
  • Technology for educators and presenters
  • Develop cutting edge inhouse e-learning technologies

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Essential computer skills training for business professionals.

Develop digital leadership skills.

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Skills Assessment & Course Development

The Tec Exec consultants will work with you to identify skills gaps and develop cutting edge digital training programs tailored to your individual or team requirements.

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Digital Communications Training

We'll teach you how to deliver a remarkable digital customer communications experience using the most efficient, innovative and interactive online tools available.

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